Childrens’ Homes

We have one children’s home in Uganda in the village of Namugongo which is about twelve miles from Kampala.  Initially we started with rented accommodation in 2003 but we now have our own premises.  The home is a large detached house standing on one third of an acre of land.  Namugongo is a nice vibrant village where there is a good taxi service, small shops and businesses with both primary and high schools.  We believe in sending the children to the local schools so that they can mix with other children in the area and so do not become institutionalised.  It also means that we are supporting the schools, which enables them to develop and provide a better standard of education.   We have a large number of staff employed in the home, these included managers, house-parents, cooks, laundry persons, cleaners and watchmen.

We encourage the relatives of the children to visit and we also take the children to their villages during school holidays. Namugongo Children's Home (Uganda)Although we treat each individual child as part of our family, we also recognise that they come from families of their own and it is important that these contacts are maintained.

We have three children’s choirs in our children’s home, it is not because one is better than the other but because they all want to sing.  We also have a boys group called the ‘Gospel Boyz’ who breakdance to Gospel music – something to be witnessed and perhaps be incorporated in your own church!  When I asked one elderly member of the church if he enjoyed it, he said “If it is done to worship God then that’s good enough for me”.