School Project in Kanganda

KangandaAt the end of 2012 we finally completed all the paperwork for our 10 acre site in Kanganda, a beautiful location set on a gently sloping hillside. We had been using the land to produce food for the orphanage in Namugongo and the Children’s centre in Mpoma but we always knew that this site had great potential for many other things.

This project is an open canvas with potential for a new Children’s Centre or Children’s Home, Medical Centre, a nursery school and still have plenty of land left for agriculture. We decided that probably the best way to start is to build our first Primary School. This would guarantee the level of education that our children would be receiving as well as helping us to control the cost of such things as fees and uniform.

This project is very much in its infancy but we have already started fundraising for it. As with all our projects in Uganda, we develop as the means to do so become available.

Why not get involved and do some fundraising for Kanganda – it’s new and exciting!