Mpoma Centre

MpomaIn 2008 we purchased an acre of land in the village of Mpoma, Uganda. The purpose of buying this land was to provide the local community with a ‘Children’s Centre’ which would not only benefit the children but also the wider community. In Uganda many children are left as orphans due to Aids and most are being brought up by elderly grandparents who struggle to care for them. Instead of taking children into care, we decided to help the children where they are, meaning that the child is provided for by us and the grandparent still has the child in their home to assist them.

We provide the children with breakfast, get them ready for school and meet the cost of their education. On returning from school the children are given a good meal, they have a bath and their clothes are washed. If they need help with school work they are given tuition and medical treatment is administered to those who require it. The land is already producing fruit and vegetables and the building is in full use. On Sunday mornings the main building is used as a village church where local adults and children come to worship God under the guidance of Pastor Rogers.

We have a number of staff employed to run the ‘children’s centre’ and they are all committed in caring for the children. Sadly our gardener Francis died recently after a short illness. He leaves a wife and three children. In order to help the family we have now employed his wife to work in the gardens so she is very happy to be able to support her family.

The one thing we have done for the community is to provide two wells in the village. Before the wells were dug, children would have to walk for four miles to collect water before going to school and do the same in the evening. Today in Mpoma everybody has free access to fresh water – and its on their doorstep!

We do need more funds to ensure the continued running of our ‘Children’s Centre’ in Mpoma – are you in the position to help us?