The ‘Cogwheel Trust International’ was founded in 1995 and is a registered charity. We were originally called ‘Cogwheel Trust for Destitute Children’. The change was made to enable us to work worldwide.

IndiaIt was after our Chief Executive Mr Kevin S R Hammond’s initial visit to India in 1994 that the decision was made to set up the ‘Trust’ as he was affected by the poverty of so many children.

The Cogwheel Trust worked in India for sixteen years and although our work is now finished there we are in contact with many of the young people who were in our care. Many of these young people are now married and have families of their own. With the wonders of technology we often receive e-mails, texts and phone calls wanting to know how we are all getting on and to tell us their news. Most of our young people are in good jobs which include mechanical engineering, tailoring, teaching and nursing. One girl has gone on to do a degree in Bio Chemisry and we have one pastor! We are proud of the work we were able to do in India and for the difference it has made to so many young people’s lives and for their influence on their families and villages.

UgandaThe work in India began in 1995 and in Uganda in 2003, and all our staff abroad are nationals of the country and are trained to care for their own people.

In Uganda we have one children’s home which can accomodate up to one hundred children. We have a children’s centre which is for day care and ten acres of land where we grow our own fruit and vegetables.

We are a Christian organisation but we support children from any or no religious background – only the need of the child is taken into account.